December finished quietly what turned out to be an amazing year for INTERDUBS. We had never thought that our concept to rely on word-off-mouth alone for growth would have worked so marvelously.

We would like to express our gratitude to all our clients for spreading the word in 2011.

With a constant increase of clients (and revenue) we were able to expand our system both in terms of features (we are running update #3148 today) as well as infra structure. This year we dove even deeper into the technology side of things: We are looking forward to put our peering agreements, data center additions and hardware upgrades to good use.

Oh – and our up time was 100%.

To put that into perspective: A competing service racked up 2 hours 15 minutes in 55 outages in December. Which results in an up time of 99.7%
But we never set out to have other services as our standard. We simply aim to achieve 100% availability. Each month.

Glad we managed to accomplish this in December. January started 14 hours ago and requires 30.5 more days of work and care.
We are looking forward to it.