May 2023 status update

There were no system outages during May 2023.

April 2023 status update

No issues during April of 2023. Nice.

March 2023 status update

🟢 All systems operational 🟢

We are pleased to report that throughout March 2023, INTERDUBS experienced no service interruptions or issues. Our team has been working diligently to ensure a seamless and reliable experience for our users. Thank you for your continued support and trust in our service.

Stay connected with us for any further updates or announcements. Wishing you all a productive April! 💻🚀

(yes, we had this written by the usual suspect)

February 2023 status update

No problems during the 4 weeks of February.

January 2023 status update

No issues during January of ’23.

December 2022 status update

During December all systems worked as expected

November 2022 status update

Systems ran normally during November.

October 2022 status update

During October 25th our NY datacenter experienced a couple of brief service interruptions. The usage pattern that caused this has been identified, and the software has been updated.

Otherwise things ran normally in October.

September 2022 status update

There were no issues in August 2022 either. No I am not a robot writing this. Just that there were no problems in the last month. Again.

August 2022 status update

No issues during August.