March 2020 status update

An upstream provider upgraded equipment late Sunday night on March 29th. During these adjustments service interruptions in our west coast data center impacted some clients before 5am.

Otherwise all systems operated normaly.

February 2020 status update

All systems performed as expected during February 2020.

January 2020 status update

A network upstream provider had an outage that impacted our west coast data center on January 23rd for a bit more than an hour.

Aside from this unfortunate outage things have been normal.

December 2019 status update

December saw no system issues.

November 2019 status update

Systems ran normally in November.

Late Saturday, November 23rd, we performed system upgrades. As announced INTERDUBS was read-only for a short period. Sunday 24th we fixed minor issues that impacted some clients that were caused by human error during the upgrade.

October 2019 status update

All systems performed normally during October.

September 2019 status update

A sudden spike of system demand was able to impact some users of our west coast data centers in the morning of September 24th.

Otherwise September 2019 did not see any issues.