Network Layer: fixed

Around 6am PDT on June 13 we experienced a network layer issue that prevented some clients from accessing our systems. As of 6:15am everything works again. Further interruptions related to this incident are not expected since we identified and addresses the root cause.

May 2022 status update

Things ran smoothly during May 2022.

April 2022 status update

No service interruptions were noted on our websites during April of 2022.

March 2022 status update

Things ran normal during March.

February 2022 status update

No problems in last month. With INTERDUBS that is.

January 2022 status update

There were no technical issues during January 2022.

December 2021 status update

In our NY data center location we experienced brief performance issues on December 15 and 18th. Otherwise systems ran as expect.

November 2021 status update

All things ran smoothly in November.

October 2021 status update

Our NY data center experienced a brief service interruption on October 21st. Otherwise all systems worked fine during October.

September 2021 status update

All things ran normally during September.