December 2017 status update

During December we saw the upgrades from the month before come into fruition: Much improved system performance could be observed in our west coast data center.

Aside from this systems ran as usual in the end of 2017.

November 2017 status update

We performed a planned upgrade on Saturday evening on November 11th. Unfortunately the installed hardware did not perform as intended. This caused some service disruptions for some of our clients in the next hours. Some issues where only resolved Sunday morning.

After carefully evaluating and testing the procedures and involved components we were able to successfully and for our users seamlessly perform the upgrade over the Thanksgiving weekend.

October 2017 status update

Systems ran fine in October. On the 13th the alternative routes to our data centers had an issue. But since nobody relied on those the outage was purely academic.

September 2017 status update

All systems ran without problems in September.

Between September 27 and 29 two clients experienced reduced upload performance due to a fibre cut of a network provider.
On September 29 a network outage at impacted a different client.

August 2017 status update

There were no service interruptions in August.

July 2017 status update

On the early hours July 7th some admin users had trouble signing in to the system. This was caused by a bug in our system. We were able to address the issue a couple of hours after it had been reported. At no point had the issue any impact on the security. Client pages were no affected by this issue.

Otherwise INTERDUBS systems performed normally during July.

June 2017 status update

During June no outages or service interruptions have been noted.