August 2017 status update

There were no service interruptions in August.

July 2017 status update

On the early hours July 7th some admin users had trouble signing in to the system. This was caused by a bug in our system. We were able to address the issue a couple of hours after it had been reported. At no point had the issue any impact on the security. Client pages were no affected by this issue.

Otherwise INTERDUBS systems performed normally during July.

June 2017 status update

During June no outages or service interruptions have been noted.

May 2017 status update

All systems worked without problems during May.

April 2017 status update

On April 8th we upgraded parts of our infra structure. Aside from this planned upgrade, services ran without any issues in April.

March 2017 status update

We upgraded our core capacities in March. The transition went smoothly. A couple of isolated service interruptions happened around 3am on Sunday March 12. Due to the time of day there were little client interactions.
The upgrade allows us to implement much needed capacity extensions in the near future.

February 2017 status update

There were no issues in February.