November 2016 status update

On November 22nd an upstream network vendor had some issues with their equipment. Unfortunately this impacted some of our clients using the www data center between 8:30 and 9:10 pacific.

We are working with this vendor so that future occurrences of this issue can be prevented.

Otherwise things worked smoothly in November.

October 2016 status update

On October 28 2016 a failure in network equipment by a upstream provider caused reachability issues for some of our clients. After 35 minutes the issue got resolved at 9:25am PDT. We are reviewing our policies to identify potential automatic remedies to avoid issues like this in the future.

Aside from this, all system worked normal and within specifications.

September 2016 status update

For the month of September two issues are worth noting:

As mentioned in an earlier post there was a network event that caused brief connectivity issues for some clients during a 20 minute time window. The cause for this issue has been addressed.

Unrelated to this is the second one:
Since its inception INTERDUBS has been a steadily increased use and growth. We plan accordingly and add capacity as it is needed. During September growth was sudden during a couple of days so that the system got closer to the limits than usual.
For some clients this meant slower than usual page response times. We took steps to mitigate this effect and are happy with the results we are seeing after we stepped up our expansion efforts. We also started to work on a process that will allow us to scale much more quickly and efficiently around the needs of our growing customer base.

August 2016 status update

Systems worked normally and well for 30 days.

During two distinct phases On August 31st some clients encountered unusual performance issues.

July 2016 status update

All systems worked perfectly during the month of July.

June 2016 status update

June – all was perfect. Again.

May 2016 status update

No problems of any kind in May. Again. This is getting boring. Actually it is not.
A working system only looks dull. Behind the scenes there is quiet a bit of interesting work going into this.

It is fun work. Specially when, as in May, it creates a perfect service record.