June 2019 status update

On June 10th we detected an anomaly during system maintenance. In order to remedy this, we had to take parts of the system into read only mode for an hour. During the relaunch and revalidation of required components some clients had trouble accessing the system.

Otherwise things worked great in June.

May 2019 status update

Systems performed normally during May.

April 2019 status update

All systems performed well in April. No issues or troubles.

March 2019 status update

Friday March 22nd around 10:40am PDT our New York data center experienced network problems. Some of our clients could not access this data center.

The cause of this problem was a routine maintenance operation that caused unforeseen consequences. The root cause of this event has been identified and has been mitigated.

Aside from this event all systems operated normally in March 2019.

February 2019 status update

In February 2019 all systems performed normally. No outages or interruptions: Neither of our core systems, nor of the peripheral networks etc around it.

January 2019 status update

All system behaved normally during January.

December 2018 status update

All systems performed normally during the month of December.

We are looking forward to serve our clients in 2019.