No downtime in June.

We upgraded our data center to 6th generation hardware on June 30th. The software stack took a couple of days to stabilize. This impacted

* PDF icon creation
* iPhone clip auto transcoding
* plain vanilla FTP accounts
* network performance

Affected clients will get credited accordingly

We officially launched to serve customers on the east coast out of 111 8th Avenue. Our INTERDUBS data center documentation has more details about this.

Clients using Time Warner Cable in Los Angeles had network performance issues between June 21 until June 25th using our west coast data center. While we started to make this known to TWC on the 21st it did take them a while to identify the equipment that caused the performance problem. We were able to route affected customers around by means of an alternative upstream provider.

INTERDUBS does not use Amazon or any other 3rd party cloud services. The Amazon outages on June 29 – 30 took allot of web services offline.

We were not impacted. We still have to make our own downtime. Not looking forward to it, but at least we will be able to learn from it and will make things work better in the future. With a 3rd party service all one can do is to switch to a new vendor. A bit like getting a new spouse when things don’t work. We believe in a approach to better things by working on the issues.